New Orleans - March 21, 2020

All time spent trying to love and trying to love myself, too. Who, you? This whole thing tracing backward, insidious. Will we ever try that restaurant? We? The restaurant? It’s a madhouse double gamble no protection fallout shelter in place…

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New Orleans - March 20, 2020

i don't know how to tame things, only how to be tame 
and then only sometimes and i'll be the judge of that 
just like you are and just like you 

if i were king i'd say 

get me a…

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New Orleans - March 11, 2020

words, you old hound 
you silent sound, you crashing wave, 
you fluttering wing, 
you big nose on a face. 
why do you stand out so? 

words, you old cat 
you old hat, you walking cane, 
you gold mine, coal mine …

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Hillsborough, NC - September 22, 2018

Eyes on the prize, two hours 
two people, two sets, two tones 
symmetry in two movements 
and such heavy eyes it was carefree comfort 
despite heels that leave you ringing 

the words don’t come tonight 
the feelings too…

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Charlotte, NC - September 21, 2018

fatigue so full it takes up three paper plates 
a late-night slice making you late to your self 
the one waiting on you to take care 

take care, we say, sure one day 
I’ll sleep when I’m dead …

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Asheville, NC - September 20, 2018

archetypes shimmering from black sequins 
spouting slithery serpentine sins hissing fits 
saying all is nothing and nothing is everything 
and I’m like why and why does everything 
have to be a few degrees off and how do 
we leave…

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Black Mountain, NC - September 17, 2018

black mountain 
more like black magic
magnet, moon 
half moon 

high noon 
at the okay corral  
a mixed bag, mixed moon 
trail mix trailing 
a Monday moon 

put the moon down 
please, carefully 

pick the sun…

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Nashville, TN - September 16, 2018


what are days even odd that they pass like leaves on the ground in a gusty breeze churning eastward was that two days ago or three I honestly can’t recall but I do remember loving the night enough not…

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Nashville, TN - September 13, 2018

always starts somewhere  

I needed a hat, he said 
it started there I guess 
in the whirlpool

eight hours that went by in four 
how’d we split the time in half like that 
just down the middle 

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