Nashville, TN - September 13, 2018

always starts somewhere  

I needed a hat, he said 
it started there I guess 
in the whirlpool

eight hours that went by in four 
how’d we split the time in half like that 
just down the middle 
one side whole, one side nothing 

and then we were on a roof 
windy chills, chill chill chill 
a kind of welcome that sends shivers 
and we made of it what we could 
and were allotted our lump of meat 

then the whirlpool spit us at a dollar wall 
where we marveled at expectations 

then sucked up again and somehow 
so suddenly 
at a show, a real show, where actors act 
and performers perform 
and the play plays on 
and we hugged and smiled 
and said great show 

then dark 
then light again 

then another race 
out the door 
up the stairs 
wrong place 
right place 
how do you take your coffee? 

down the stairs 
find the talking room 
law talk, legal-ease 
fire it up, tweet it out 
call your senator 

then blush on lips 
like a bee sting 
and sit this way, no that 
chin up, tilt a little 
stand up, cross your legs 
bend your knee 
yes look at that 
yes look at that 
yes look at that 

zip on back 
talk to one oh hello 
talk to another oh hello 
oh hello oh hello
mosquito bites swell like egos 
and nature’s screen door 
not stopping
and not stopping the talking 
and talk about yourself a while 

remind yourself a job is due 
it’s your duty to sew them up 
and sweat pouring 
under surgical lights 
in a place they say won’t stand 
in a place they say has stood 
like the sad, kind look of a stranger 
whose lines have crossed 
a marbled piece of stone 
thank you, we said 
we meant it 

to start at the end 
I guess makes sense 

I needed a hat, he said 

I didn’t buy it

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