Nashville, TN - September 16, 2018


what are days even odd that they pass like leaves on the ground in a gusty breeze churning eastward was that two days ago or three I honestly can’t recall but I do remember loving the night enough not to leave it for the night I wanted 

and I’m sure I missed greatness like I might miss a train but I saw the lady waiting for the train and that was just as good probably and I’d like to think all the good wasn’t curated but it was hog heaven 

four leaves I took off the ground of my ancestors where they walked some time before they were under it another oh hello but with no answer I did listen and hills like a body subtle and green and welcoming there along big goose creek 

can you tell me something about them what did he run from what did he do it’s always a he almost with the do I can’t blame nelly without information the place rattled us like a ghost in the bedroom all the smoke and mirrors and missing teeth 

hi I’m Mary mother of God she might have been I shook her hand I shook it’s amazing how a smile disarms were they armed or only watching cars like civilized people watching them go round and round and round and round and round and round 

but it’s complicated don’t get all black and white on me when it’s all fucking grey grey is my favorite color really it is I don’t quote songs much I hope I get a dream out of it dixon springs springing I really could go back 

But the scariest thing loomed over the hillside and I’m not sure it wasn’t a dream from start to finish did it open the earth how deep does it go nuclear how big is the word wirt why did he leave I ask before I go to sleep I ask before I leave wirt 

I ask why and when will we be back and what do I say but eight ball corner pocket we might be kin you say but you’re not wirt you’re roger and my questions are still questions growing like the oak over lucy jolley 

and we better leave this now for dreams we better leave this now for we better leave this now for the dreams

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