Asheville, NC - September 20, 2018

archetypes shimmering from black sequins 
spouting slithery serpentine sins hissing fits 
saying all is nothing and nothing is everything 
and I’m like why and why does everything 
have to be a few degrees off and how do 
we leave this place without losing 
too much of ourselves and how do we leave 
without taking too much of you 
burbling babbling stories filled us like liquor 
and here we go trying to have patience 
trying to have babies trying to have a career 
might this fan fall on my head I think 
I oughta shut my eyes and bring the light down 
and what was that did you hear it 
a surround sound shift in energy 
do you hear the ants in the jar lid 
I think they’re trapped I think that’s the point 
now there’s something on my computer 
sliding down the screen it’s really sliding 
where’s my wife seriously where are you lucy 
please say hello cider buffalo walgreens 
anything weird enough to catch my attention 
and make me haul you in I’m so tired 
like a lamppost on the corner of a good night 
watching the moths come and go from the darkness 
shedding light on the cracks in the pavement 
flickering out in the hush before dawn

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