Charlotte, NC - September 21, 2018

fatigue so full it takes up three paper plates 
a late-night slice making you late to your self 
the one waiting on you to take care 

take care, we say, sure one day 
I’ll sleep when I’m dead 
is also something we say 
carrying us from dreams 
to stage to seat to bed to dreams 

like cattails waving in the wind 
flowers left in a vase and oils 
diffusing in a minivan to keep 
spirits up and away, up and away 
like the stars past the planets 
like the bulbs over the audience 
twinkling, shimmering guitars sliding 
out of silk, stained, a bit bloody 

muddy waters where the stage once was 
a light roux a little rouge a lot of roofs 
with blue tarps back home 13 years ago 
and no one addressed the floods 
I am really sorry about them 

I am really sorry for not taking care 
we gotta go, gotta get back to basics 
goodnight muse, goodnight moon 
goodnight goodnight goodnight

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