1. Coming Along

From the recording Coming Along

Kelcy Wilburn, songwriter – vocals, acoustic guitar
Neilson Hubbard, producer – drums & percussion
Will Kimbrough – electric guitar, banjo
Dean Marold – bass guitar
Fats Kaplin – violin, viola

recorded & mixed by Dylan Alldredge at Skinny Elephant Recording (Nashville, TN)
mastered by James DeMain at Yes Master Studios (Nashville, TN)
published by Parish Road Music (BMI)
written by Kelcy Wilburn (BMI)


Driving through Texas I get that feeling again
Watching the last leaves hold fast to their crooked limbs
We’re stringing all the cities like Christmas lights on a tree
And if you show me to the bedroom I’ll show you all the sights I’ve seen
I’m coming along, I’m coming along

Somewhere in the darkness there’s a moon hanging low
It’s hovering in stillness beneath the earth’s shadow
And sitting by the roadside I can feel the wolf’s cry
It’s tearing at my insides, tearing at this perfect line
I’m coming along, I’m coming along

Always staring out of windows when I want to be in the view
somewhere past the fence line, somewhere beyond the trees
Buried beneath the skyline, somewhere wild and free
I’m coming along, I’m coming along
I’m coming along, I’m coming along

Time is the thief that keeps me up in the night
Always one step ahead and always ready to take what’s mine
There’s no stopping the spin, there’s no killing the lie
That we’re all stuck in skin, a prisoner to just one life
I’m coming along, I’m coming along
Coming along, coming along