From the recording What's Gone Is Gone

Kelcy Wilburn, songwriter – vocals, rhythm guitar
Neilson Hubbard, producer – drums & percussion
Will Kimbrough – electric guitar, banjo
Dean Marold – bass guitar
Fats Kaplin - violin

recorded & mixed by Dylan Alldredge at Skinny Elephant Recording (Nashville, TN)
mastered by James DeMain at Yes Master Studios (Nashville, TN)
published by Parish Road Music (BMI)
written by Kelcy Wilburn (BMI)


Some moths can’t be caught in a butterfly net
Draw ‘em to the light, it’s a safer bet
The light can be dangerous though
Burning so bright that you can’t let go
Bringing truths to light you’d rather not know
But now you know, yeah now you know
The truth is there in your eyes and you can’t let go

The heart is a dark cul-de-sac
It’s a long road down and a long road back
But down at the end you might feel safe
‘Til you peer in the window and see your face
Staring back at yourself, that’s all it takes
You cannot stay, you cannot stay
Just one look inside, that’s all it takes

Hold up a mirror like a moth to a flame
Is knowing yourself worth all the pain?
A lonely prisoner will find her own way
To pass the time and find some escape

What gives you freedom when you’re locked away?
And what locks you up when you get your way?
If the grass is always greener, then water your lawn
Else you’re out of the gates an enemy pawn
And there ain’t no turning back what’s gone is gone
What’s gone is gone and what’s done is done
There ain’t no turning back, what’s gone is gone
What’s gone is gone, and what’s done is done
The heart goes last, when it’s gone it’s gone