1. Hymn

Kelcy Wilburn, songwriter – vocals, rhythm guitar
Neilson Hubbard, producer – drums & percussion, piano
Will Kimbrough – electric guitar
Dean Marold – bass guitar

recorded & mixed by Dylan Alldredge at Skinny Elephant Recording (Nashville, TN)
mastered by James DeMain at Yes Master Studios (Nashville, TN)
published by Parish Road Music (BMI)
written by Kelcy Wilburn (BMI)


When I was younger I knew everything I didn’t know
Now that I’m older I know everything I didn’t know
That might sound like more of the same, but I’ll tell you a million things changed

Somebody tell me the world won’t always be so sad
That one day we’ll wake up to news with nothing bad
There’s so much beauty to see when you stop believing in things

I’m always telling myself that I should try harder
Dig deeper, run faster, and go farther
Do you believe that a song has the power to right any wrongs

I’m gonna tell you the truth: nobody knows it
Some might say that they do, but they’re full of shit
I’m going out on a limb when I tell you this song is a hymn