New Orleans - March 11, 2020

words, you old hound 
you silent sound, you crashing wave, 
you fluttering wing, 
you big nose on a face. 
why do you stand out so? 

words, you old cat 
you old hat, you walking cane, 
you gold mine, coal mine 
all dirty and dangerous and gross. 

the ratio wrong, the ration wrong 
too many, too much, yuck 
too little, too few, eew 

when you’re right (alright?) 
words, you mona lisa, 
you flower bud, you wind chime, 
you pyramid, 
you cupcake, you north star, 
you lizard on a leaf 

words, you old god 
you old “with god was god” 

I see you there, 
you old instigator, you.

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